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Registration & Course Fee

Instead of offering scholarships for single students, we decided to provide financial support to encourage students, research assistants at universities and Referendare to take part in the summer course. Please attach a copy of your certificate of matriculation or similar to your registration. Besides, former and recent participants of our master programs qualify for a 50% discount.

Standard Fee

€ 1.200

Research Assistants,

€ 600

(up to the age of 27)

€ 300

Both sessions may also be booked and attended separately.
Introductory Session (20-22 June 2016): € 700
Advanced Session (23/24 June 2016): € 500

Additional Information

The fee includes all course materials and refreshments.


To register for the courses please fill in the registration form.

Who should attend?

Introductory Course: Participants with only basic knowledge, e.g. young professionals, interns, Rechtsreferendare, students

Advanced Course: Professionals with previous knowledge, e.g. lawyers, consultants, participants of the Introductory Course


All courses will be held at the "Kettelerscher Hof", Königsstrasse 51-53, 48143 Münster, which is located in the city of Münster close to the main building of the Faculty of Law.


Accommodation is not provided by the organizer. However, our participants are entitled to reduced fees in several hotels in Münster (€ 40 - 138 / single room). You will receive a directory together with your confirmation of enrolement. Please note that you can only use the University discounts if you book the hotels yourself.

If you wish to book hotels which are not on the list or have further questions, please refer to the English-speaking tourist information office in Münster:

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